Ecce Homo Sculpture Picture It & Write!

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The last time we were in Coventry Cathedral, I couldn’t stop myself from staring at this sculpture, the Ecce Homo Sculpture. I’ve googled about it and found out it was carved by Sir Jacob Epstein during 1934-5 from Subleco marble and was given to Coventry Cathedral. Ecce Homo represents Christ before Pilate with his hands bound and a crown of thorns upon his head. Jesus Christ was presented to a hostile crowd shortly before his Crucifixion.

The Ecce Homo Sculpture wasn’t as dainty as the other sculptures but it definitely got its own characteristics – strong and determined. I quite like it. Made me think about the sacrifices that our Lord had done for our sins. That He would withstand all the humiliation and pain just to redeem us from our sins.

I think about what the message or sculpture was telling us. That we should be brave enough to withstand any challenge and difficulties. That we shouldn’t just be thinking about ourselves but of the others, too. That we should be grateful for all the blessing that was given to us. Have a nice day everyone and look after yourselves ❤

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