Men In My Life – Writing Prompt #111 “Men”

us Of course, it’s Him Indoors, the number one man of my life, the love of my life! I’ve written a lot about him…let me dig one, OK?

Is there humour in love?
I just have to ask
Of course, there is
Otherwise, what else is there?
If we cannot laugh together
To the simple things we have
Then why take things seriously?
Laughter is the best medicine
Ask your doctor, he’ll verify
For when I first met you
You made me laugh
And I thought you’re so witty
They’re not slapstick jokes
They’re very clever and fun

Wow, how time flies! To think that when we started we were both students or trainees, had moved from a studio in Birmingham, a maisonette with Mrs. Booth in Nottingham (we were on the top floor and every week we played cards with Mrs. Booth, bless her soul), a flat in Ramersdorf, a split house in Unterhaching, now a terrace house with a garden in the south of Munich. HRH the son was born two years after we moved to Germany and we have been living here for the last 25 years.

We’ve gone through thick and thin, through being fit and healthy to all the illneses and now trying to be as healthy as possible. We’ve cried together, laughed a lot, sometimes ignored each other, accepted each other with all our quirks and idiosyncracy, had a lot of tiffs, and so on. But at the end of it, we’re best mates, soul mates if there are such things and we don’t mind spending the rest of our lives together.

hiking in Kampenwand HRH the son, the one and only son, our precious one!

The time really goes so fast
We can still remember all the years
His first words that gave us cheers
The first time he crawls and walks
The first time he rode his bicycle
His first day of school with a big bag
Karate, music, choir, kung-fu, guitar
When we reminisce them they bring tears He used to be my idol, my very own Dad! I still miss you, Dad. Wish you were still here with us…

Dad, you left us so suddenly
Not even 60, that was young
You carried the world on your shoulders
And thought you were superman
With never ending super power strength
Funny how we pay our debts
What comes around goes around
And as we drown our sorrows
Life goes on in a spin
Your children miss you
Like plants in need of water and care
Your grandchildren too young
To remember you, what they’re left
Their foggy memory of you

 Last but not the least, all the men out there, you’re all part of a great human race, cheers!

One day in a life of the men in our lives
They work, they play and they do some sports
They spend a lot of time in front of the telly
Watching football, documentaries or histories
How about computer games? Ah, that, too!
Not everyone, but some of them do
Simulated flying, cars crashing, golf
What else do they do? Think, think, think
They love that, too, thinking and pondering
Pottering in the garden, that’s a good one
Finding things to repair around the house
Helping children do the homework
Giving a hand to the stressed out wife
Cooking, doing the groceries, mowing lawns
But most of all, being there when we need them
Our super heroes, our fathers, husbands and friends
So here’s just to say, thanks for everything
We love you to the moon and back!!!

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