Trust – Prompt 14 – Set The Challenge Sunday #2


She kept looking in her mirror. The car was still following her. She was sure it was the same car. She did another unnecessary turn, just to see what the driver in the dark Suburban would do. Maybe she was crazy. Maybe he was heading the same direction she was. But there was this weird feeling. This sick gut feeling and the last had taught her to listen to her instincts.

Meanwhile, Ricardo was waiting for the detective to tell him what his wife, Esmeralda was doing. Is she cheating on him? What was she doing on her spare time? Is she seeing another man? He couldn’t help it. Marrying someone 20 years younger gives him this insecure feeling.

When they got married, Ricardo was the happiest man on earth. Esmeralda was so beautiful it hurt him to think that she could be with another man at this time. Esmeralda was always full of life, breezing through life as we speak. She likes travelling, sight-seeing, cycling, sailing and all other fun activities. She’s also very sociable, always surrounded by friends and colleagues, very popular and will grace any event. She works part-time in a publishing company.

Ricardo has his own successful business and travels most of the time. Sometimes, he takes Esmeralda with him. But when he’s alone, that’s when this insecure feeling creeps in. That’s why he hired this detective to follow his wife around.


insecure husband
wanting to know where wife is
hired a detective

hired a detective
not good when he cannot trust
the love of his life

the love of his life
perhaps more faith needed here
for love to survive

trust that hope will come
balm to all my frantic pain
eager to make way

tenerife 045

give to your soul
trust, love and devotion
poignant pleasure born


yes or no, I ask
always trust your instinct
answer will soon come

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