This Morning – Literary Lion. AM.


Dominic was dreaming of the ocean and the waves when the alarm clock woke him up. It took him another 10 minutes before he stretched his lithe body in bed one more time and got up slickly. He took a quick shower and shaved his day’s stubble. As he looked into the mirror with his still wet receding silver-grey hair and the faded scar on his forehead, his deep grey eyes flickered in delight. His face was illuminated by a smile. He thought about what he’s going to do today and he looks forward to some of them. He was also thinking about Anna and how beautiful she is, like a goddess with her cascading brown hair, her megawatt smile, sweet lips and elegant personality. They all mesmerised Dominic… “Today’s going to be a good day,” he mused to himself.

Literary Lion. AM.

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