The Early Years – Daily Prompt

Write page three of your autobiography.


I was three and a half when my sister was born. I could still remember that day. My sister was born in our house. My aunt Angela, a midwife was the one who delivered her. We were in the next room – my brother and my Dad and we were waiting. My Dad was pacing up and down and my brother and I were jumping up and down the bed, playing roughly, as any 3 ½ and 4 ½ children do. Then we heard my aunt said: “She’s a girl!” We quickly ran to the next room, only to be asked to leave as they were not prepared for visitors to see them, i.e. gory details of blood and stuff – yuk! Anyway, when we came back, my mother was holding the baby – she’s the most gorgeous baby I’ve ever seen!

Soon it was time for me to go to Kindergarten. My big brother was already in that school. It was a Dominican School run by nuns. I didn’t cry that day, I just waved goodbye to my mother. I liked that school. I met friends, who until now are still close friends. I remembered doing some sort of speech after the school year and my Grandad wrote that speech. They were all proud of me. I stayed there for four years until we transferred to another school.

The Early Years

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