All The Way – Friday Fictioneers and Wordle 176

Wordle 176 – serve, collaborate, contact, isten, chat, compromising, state, time, care, community, decades, concerns


We’ve got to collaborate to serve and care for the community.
There’s no need to compromise for their concerns.
It’s also our concern. Look at the present state – not a good sight.
Let’s now forget decades of inaction and stop blaming everyone.
Let’s forgive ourselves and move on. It’s time for action.
It’s time to listen, chat and contact them.
Time to cooperate and pull our resources together.
Prioritise and organise. Help our community all the way.
If not now, when? Let’s be proud of our community!

18 thoughts on “All The Way – Friday Fictioneers and Wordle 176

    1. One of the clues from the picture was the phrase “all the way”, then I combined it with a wordle prompt…so basically, if we’re gonna do something or help, do it all the way… hope it makes sense?

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      1. You’ve said what needs to be said. I guess it doesn’t really matter where you say it. Your link seems tenuous but who cares? My original blog page “motivation” says something similar.

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