SoCS June 27/15 Some/Sum


I hope to be someone great someday
Somebody who can do sums and some more
Some of the few who can take some doing
Of the things they said can’t be done
Well, they haven’t summed me up
It takes me some beating before I give up
I’ve got some little and then some courage
I can also cut someone some slack
In some sort of way and of some size
I like dim sum a lot and Sumatran rhinoceros
Choi sum is a small Chinese cabbage of a variety
With mild-tasting leaves and small edible yellow flowers
A lump sum is a single payment made at a particular time
A zero sum is whatever gained by one side is lost by the other
That’s the sum total of the things I know, cheers for now!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS June 27/15

9 thoughts on “SoCS June 27/15 Some/Sum

  1. Was cute! I have never been a fan of accounting, although I surprised myself when I actually did pretty well at it. On the matter of Dim Sum Yum Yum! I love Dim Sum and the picture you posted made me instantly hungry for eggs and rice!

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