Life’s A Seesaw – Photo Challenge #67 and Wordle 155

Wordle 155 – strap, swing, power, tough, diamond, detail, zip, suspend, waterfall, barrier, pleat

2015 020

Life is like being in a seesaw
Or it’s puzzling as a jigsaw
When you’re up, he’s down
He has to wait for the countdown
When you’re down, he’s up
Sometimes causing a breakup
Never at the same time, though
Such a shame, what a blow
Or could be like being in a swing
A lot of times, life could be baffling
Where we can suspend ourselves
Feeling greater than our real selves
And we can soar higher and higher
As we become bolder and bolder
But then we’ve got to come down
When blows are continually knockdown
Zip-lining, that’s another exciting thing
Bursting with joy, life could be blasting
Or going down the waterfall, that’s cool
Such sensation, it’s overcool and water-cool
Especially when the water glistens like diamond
Great feeling when we’ve been championed
The power to do something even though it’s tough
Tired laughter escaped with a huff and a puff
Not into details but we all do it from time to time
When we are inspired especially in summertime
We face life’s challenges or barriers full on
And when we’ve done it, it’s quite a phenomenon

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