My Holiday – Tale Weaver # 20 and Wordle 97

Wordle 97 – discipline, pieces, heroic, prophets, sublime, moment, patience, stealing, gazing, tears, fly, limits


The moment I’ve been waiting for
Can’t wait to get out of the door
What the prophets had promised
Got to be the finest and the fondest
A sublime but heroic discipline
I’m sure my mind will broaden
Where I could fly in the sky
All my energy will multiply
Love star gazing with the angels
They’re as sweet as caramels
No limits set, tears in my eyes
Can’t wait, time for goodbyes
Stealing this wonder, just be patient
So positive, my mood is always buoyant
Like jigsaw with all the bits and pieces
Bounces like a ball, with all the fuzz
An unforgettable holiday for me
Got to be ready for my holiday spree
And I can’t wait to experience it
Being as romantic as a moonlit

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