From You to You – Daily Prompt

Write a letter to your 14-year-old self. Tomorrow, write a letter to yourself in 20 years.



What’s up? Bet you’re still thinking whether to have your hair dyed red or blue? Don’t, please! Your long brown hair is the envy of a lot of people, you can always show your individuality in other ways.

And the boys, they’re everywhere! Try not to blush when your crush pass your way. Just be yourself and I’m sure he’ll notice you. Besides, there are other important things in life.

That’s another thing, don’t take life too seriously, have fun! If you want to experiment with stuff like cigarettes, alcohol, well, I’m not saying don’t but take them in moderation. I don’t think you’d like them, anyway. Just because the others do them doesn’t mean they’re cool.

Cheers for now,
You in 40 years ❤

For: From You to You

2 thoughts on “From You to You – Daily Prompt

  1. Oh come on, dyeing your hair might be a spectacular choice, kind of, I guess :p
    Totally agree on the addictions point though, I think if my 14 year old self was told to do it in moderation, I would have been a better person today

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