#SoCS August 22/15 – “mind”


Looks like most of us were posting simultaneously – great minds think alike! Bear in mind that today is Saturday and we should all enjoy our weekend. Mind you, the thought does spring to mind that perhaps we could walk up the mountain when the weather is nice. The forecast is quite positive, after a week of rain – yay! I don’t mind if I do. However, I’m in two minds whether to go to the mountains or the lakes. Decisions, decisions, I couldn’t make up my mind.

Meanwhile, some youths were making a noise, such a racket so I went out and gave them a piece of my mind. They told me to mind my own business. I have half a mind to even write to our landlord and complain. But then, I changed my mind.

Everyone is thought to be after something, everyone is thought to have some particular goal in mind, independent of the goal that he or she happens to articulate. What’s on your mind? I had it in mind to ask you about your opinion on this. No need to worry, though, never mind where I’m going.

With this mind, I have to go now and wish everyone a happy weekend 🙂

For: Stream of Consciousness Saturday

9 thoughts on “#SoCS August 22/15 – “mind”

  1. Having in mind that it is still Friday around here, I wouldn’t mind to send you some nice weather, we have plenty of it, mindfully you decided not to be in those kids’ minds for no good reason – do you mind if I wish you a wonderful weekend? Mind that yours is hours ahead of mine! It’s something that blew my mind! 😀

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  2. Mountains. Oh how I miss them. I would have gone there. Send the noisy kids to the lake…better yet. The weekend is a good one here, quiet and cooler than it has been. Hope you have a good weekend too!

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