#SoCS Sept 5/15 – “light”


We flew at the first light of day to Catania last week. It was the start of our holiday. A smile of delight lit up my face – a holiday – yay! Sicily is part of our Bucket’s List and we did it!

We saw lots of temples, amphitheatres, churches, museums, paintings, etc. Some paintings require a mixture of light and shade, foreground, middle ground and distance. It had been a hard struggle to choose which ones were the best and since we’ve passed by lots of tunnels, I could see a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

Once all of the factors are brought to light, i.e. histories, significance, entertainment, how easy/hard it is to get there, etc., we can judge which ones we like best. Would it be the mosaics, the temples, the ruins, or the sea? I’d choose them all! In the light of my conclusion, it is unnecessary to express an opinion on this argument. What argument?

Anyway, we had a lot of fun and great experience. We returned to bed and went out like a light! Have a gorgeous week everyone!

For: Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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