#SoCS Sept 19/15 – “route/root”


Hello everyone! Time to get rooted again, after being away for quite a while. I think it’s time I put down some roots. Go back to routines, especially the route to work and so on.

Speaking of which, I ordered some stuff, has the delivery routes of Amazon being diverted? Despite the length of my approach to it, the question, at root, is quite a short one. Anyone who disagrees can go and get rooted.

The idea had taken root in my mind. I wanted to do something. Him Indoors disagrees and we had a row. “Oh, go root your boots,” I said storming off. All lines of communication which were normally routed through speaking, letters and phones, were now all blocked. We’ll both take alternate routes to reach some compromise. Oh well, I’m sure this tiff won’t last. Soon, we’ll go kiss and make up.

That’s it folks, nice talking to all of you. Have a smashing weekend. Cheers for now, Ladylee x

For: Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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