Tale Weaver 32: story in search of a muse


the kiss of the muse
and so inspiration comes
a slumbering thought
curdles long life in short time
pleasure, pain, faith, hope and love

sleep tight my muse
for in your dream world I go
colouring my sphere
whose fleeting tenure not break
wild realm of reality

encouragement felt
when muse is within reach
creativeness flows
but when muse is gone
everything seems to stop
my world’s without colour
no words, no adjectives, no verbs
no reason to fight
no reason to contemplate
no reason to love

For: Tale Weaver 32

5 thoughts on “Tale Weaver 32: story in search of a muse

  1. I love your description of your world without a muse! You have written a wonderful poem on the role your muse plays in your life: “the kiss of the muse/ and so inspiration comes.”
    Thanks so much for participating in Tale Weavers. I always look forward to your contributions

    Liked by 1 person

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