Express Yourself! – Daily Prompt

Do you love to dance, sing, write, sculpt, paint, or debate? What’s your favourite way to express yourself, creatively?

IMGP1277 IMGP1276

The Thai Buddha and Inca man, I made them 10 years ago
They’re outside, part of our icons in the garden
I also did some dinosaurs when HRH the son was small
Vases, clocks and bowls all made of pottery in our class
I enjoyed making them but I know they were not good
I tried painting with watercolour and acrylic
I was even made a model when I was pregnant
They drew me and my big tummy
I was seven months pregnant
When the son started playing piano
I thought I could learn with him
I gave up after some time
I can’t dance and I can’t sing
What else is there to do?
Ah, why not try blogging?
So I did and I’m enjoying it

For: Express Yourself!

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