Million-Dollar Question – Daily Prompt

Why do you blog?

Thanks for the great idea, Paranoid Guy!

jungle queen

I blog because I can
I’m not saying I’m good
I just enjoy blogging
and why not? I ask myself
why not indeed…have a go
It’s been almost a year
when I posted my first piece
about human trafficking
such a heavy topic
one of our assignments
in the course I was taking
one piece lead to another
and as my confidence is growing
I’m also trying other things
fiction, non-fiction, musings
poetry, photography, wordles
every time I see a prompt
I’d have a go, and I’m having fun
sometimes I surprise myself
sometimes the story writes itself
sometimes it’s no good, but never mind
I’m learning new things, I’m meeting friends
so here’s to blogging – hip hip hurrah!

For: Million-Dollar Question

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