Such a Dilemma – Finish It! #38


She was excited by the offer she just got. How could she possibly turn it down? It was what she’d always dreamed of. And yet, it seemed a bit scary. So many things would change. Her life would not be the same anymore.

Bituin was just accepted to do her PhD at the Mexico City University and she could start next term. Wow, she couldn’t believe her luck. Among the hundreds of applicants, she got one of the fifteen posts. She always dreamed of studying abroad. She better start planning – packing, sorting her papers, visa, telling her parents, saying goodbye to her boyfriend Raul. Will they be able to be apart for three years, at least? Or would it be better to part now, give each other a clean break. Ouch! Just the thought of it makes her downhearted.

And there’s also a part that seemed a bit scary. Mexico City –the third largest city in the world with increasing population, coupled with the accelerating socially-derived problems, such as potable water supplies, waste water removal, and garbage disposal, mean that there are going to be severe challenges to the community in the near future. Not to mention, pollution, crimes, poverty and other problems. Is Bituin prepared to live in this city? Bituin comes from one of the islands in the Philippines, which probably has similar problems befitting a third world country. But still, there are differences. Such a dilemma.

For: Finish It! #38

7 thoughts on “Such a Dilemma – Finish It! #38

  1. Go Bituin. I did my university degrees living a grimy industrial city with massive social problems – maybe not as huge as Mexico City but very, very intensive. To do I moved from a lovely coastal area. The years spent studying bought me many challenges but I found living among disadvantaged people really helped me understand more of life.

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