On My Way To Work


On my way to work, I took the train
Always on time, people come and go
Off to work, off to school, off somewhere nice
Mums taking little Toms and Marys to school
Tom’s still sleepy, Mary’s fussing on her coat
Teen-agers with their nonchalant ways
Boys talking about football last night
Girls busy gossiping and tossing their hair
Grannies on their way to the supermarket
Or could be their coffee mornings
And some don’t even know where they are
A lot with their laptops and mobile phones
Playing games, chatting and surfing
Listening to music, some very loud ones
A few still reading good old newspapers
And some with their pocketbooks
I’m one of them, clutching my book
Some very lucky ones with their luggage
Hopefully going somewhere nice
I’m off on the next stop
Time to say good-bye
Have a nice day everyone!

For: Writing 101, Day 10: Let the scene write itself

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