A Day In The Life Of Liudvika

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Makings” by Gary Snyder: tongue, fingernail, flare, friends, poor, window, shack, round, smoke, war, overalls, grimy


Liudvika comes for her weekly cleaning
She has her own key so she doesn’t ding
She dons her overalls and inspects what to do
But first she looks out to have a lovely view

She looks at the grimy windows and procrastinates
Her employers are lucky, she’s such a cheapskate
Her tongue so sharp and starts complaining
Then her mood changed and started singing

Of how poor she is then went out for a smoke
She thought of her country and her menfolk
The flare of the match lit up her face
She admires the vase and put it back in place

She looks at her fingernails, they needed cleaning
She looks at her hair, it needed bleaching
She starts attacking the war on dirty windows
They’ve got to be cleaned before it snows

Swish, slosh as the water goes, then wipes them dry
She made a sigh and then looks up the sky
One round won with windows at the ground floor
And she knows she has to tackle the floors

She deserves a break, so she rings up her friends
They talk about shopping and their boyfriends
She carries on cleaning until she’s done the hours
Such is the life of Liudvika, not sweet but sour

For: Sunday Photo Fiction and Whirligig 33


14 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of Liudvika

  1. When cleaning for yourself it can be therapeutic but when doing for others – who are often ungrateful it can indeed be sour…i am glad Liudvika makes the best of a bad situation and calls home

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  2. It is unfortunate that a lot of these places employ people at low wages and then have them do double the work. Hopefully she gets out of the situation soon. I like the way you wrote this poem, keeping it going all the way through.

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