He’s Back! – Finish It!


It’s been a month since he’d seen her the last time. They’ve spent almost the entire winter holiday together. In a country that was a long way from his. Then they kissed. They kissed often. And when he had to leave it almost broke him. She would be here in a couple of minutes. Not long now. But how would it be? What if their reunion wouldn’t be the way he was hoping for? What if the chemistry was no longer there? What if the fire was no longer burning?
Please continue…
Conall paced up and down the hall. He managed to get away from his family on the pretence of working away. It was also good that the project was not finished yet, so his boss sent him to this place for another month. A month! One long month with Mandy, he could hardly wait. God, he missed her so much. The way she flicked her hair, the way she pouts when something upsets her, her mincing of words and all the little things she does. That winter was like being in seventh heaven, if there’s such a place like that. Not long now. Then, he heard the familiar sound of her car being parked in front of the cottage. He knew she’d seen his car. Her quickening steps toward the house and her “Darling, you’ve come back!” made all his worries gone. With open arms, they kissed! “Welcome back, Darling!”
(150 words)


For: Finish It! #40 and

 Writing 101, Day 13: Play with word count




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