Annie’s Day

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Etol Bagam, author of the blog, Creative Busyness. Thank you Etol!

At the end of the worst day of her life, she looked out the window and sought something to be grateful for. Stuck between the tree trunk were four strange colourful creatures waving and smiling at her. The yellow with red arms came out first and did a cartwheel. Then the blue and red one with the purple red being did a musical number. It was a fun duet, singing from their hearts out. Last but not the least, the pink monster with one eye asked her to come and dance with her. Annie didn’t know what to do, but as she was enjoying herself, she went out and danced with the pink monster. They played some games and sang some more songs before they said goodbye to Annie. She was so happy that she forgot that she had the worst day of her life earlier. There was still hope then, she whispered thankfully to herself.


For: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers by Priceless Joy and Write Now

wpid-photo-20150517131724273   write_now_plane

17 thoughts on “Annie’s Day

  1. Wonderful little creatures helping her to rid herself of her horrible day and making her happy and feeling the joy of dancing.They left her with happiness and hope…something we all need. Great story. 🙂

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  2. I love this story! The next time I have “the worst day ever” I’m going to watch for those colorful friends out my window, sure hope they show up!! Love the optimism in this…

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