The Luckiest People

Daily Prompt – Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.

Him Indoors and I woke up early today, we always do. Then we had a nice pot of tea together as we listened to the radio. I started checking my emails and he got himself ready to do some groceries. Today he worked from home. Twice a week, he goes to the office. It was a good schedule. I didn’t have to work today, and I went to our Latin Dance at the gym which started at 9am for an hour. That was hard work but invigorating. I also went to our bio-sauna for 15 minutes.


For lunch, I met my friend C in town and as usual, we went to our favourite Japanese restaurant. I had sea bass sashimi and she had tuna sashimi. We also had green tea each and shared some spinach with sesame. We talked about our week and about our kids who left the nests. They were all doing fine. Then we looked at the Christkindlmarkt in Marienplatz – the shops, Christmas decorations, malt wine, stollen and other stuff. We also went to see the new Eat Tally which was held in the old Schranenhalle. Quite interesting stuff there.


For: The Luckiest People

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