Who wants to be a cat?

Who wants to be a cat? Everyone?
When you’re expected to come up trumps
Old ladies stroke me as I purr, that was fun
And I always get some lumps in dumps

After all, I’ve got nine lives to live
I was struck by a thunder and lightning once
What an experience, that was massive
I didn’t see it from a distance

When I was at the edge of the world
A drunkard saw me and mended me
He put me in a safe place as I furled
He waited with me in the dark alley

He bound me with some old rag that saved me
A prophet could be guiding me, so they say
He hold me as if I was a baby
When I was better he was on his way

Giving hope to some cats in the circle
However sleepy I could be
Every day was different, life wasn’t dull
I love being a cat coz I’m always free

by brenda warren

For: “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” by Dimie Cat and Wordle 130


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