Something Magical


If I’ve got skills, which one would it be?
Whatever it is, I want to have the key
Would it be powerful, magical or useful?
Never a dull moment and certainly not null

Like a frog croaking in tune with its action
Once it’s done, I could lie in the sun
While still yet there is no end to troubles
Depends on what I get from such angles

On and on my neighbour loudly rapping
With the lady next door, he’s got a fling
His thin grin drips like a streak down his chin
He was nowhere to be seen, to my chagrin

I can speak a lot of languages, Chinese, French
And sometimes can stay forever on a bench
German, Russian, as easy as laying on the beach
Round a bend at speed a van has just screeched

I can preach and teach a lot of people to outreach
I hope I don’t bore them with my speech
I can cook something magical; you’d love me for it
And with more practice I know I can’t be a twit

But I truly would like to be able to write really well
Put the magic spell, I can be a belle and I can yell
To take my readers to my world of make-believe, a utopia
Reaching my alpha and omega with the help of Buddha

That magical place where all their troubles are forgotten
I can only hope so and there’s no need to bargain
An action-packed full of adventure, wit, humour, all in one!
I’ve spun around hoping to make it and all the time having fun!

For: Writing 101, Day 1: Magic

12 thoughts on “Something Magical

  1. You have many wonderful magical talents. Your picture made me think of an entirely different magic from Macbeth: “Double Double toil and trouble” or something like that. Perhaps, you could see what danger lurks for people?

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