Few More Seconds

Photo and Prompt courtesy: Sulaiman Sait

Few more seconds to fly for freedom
They flew and had their last crumb
To a place where it’s warm
Lots of birds in a swarm

Few more seconds to say I love you
Expressing my love with a haiku
Being with you I treasure
I kiss you with an ardour

Few more seconds to say thanks
I’m the top among your ranks
I appreciate all the things
The treasure that you bring

Few more seconds to say sorry
With bended knee I plea
If I ever hurt you dear
I regret with a tear

Few more seconds to say goodbye
I leave you with a heavy sigh
All the affection I feel
Full of love and zeal

For: Writing 101, Day 4: Seconds and Prompt 88 – Picture Prompt


14 thoughts on “Few More Seconds

  1. Beautiful and sad. I think that has been the general comment between me and other bloggers who participated in today’s prompt. There is something innately sad about ‘seconds’ or ‘moments’ Perhaps, for the obvious reason that they are gone so fast.

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