Writing 101, Day 5: Freedom

together we fight for freedom
together we overcome
we have to be free
colonisation from Spain
battle till the end
independence is worth it
for generations to come

Enemies attack
Warriors defend precious soil
Battle of the sea
Great ancestors of the land

Courageous people
Defending sea till the end
Freedom protected
The fruit of their hardship

they fought for our freedom
learning the past through art
at the gallery

country’s history
as part of our heritage
should know them by heart

women took part, too
Philippine Revolution
our own heroines

acknowledging them
they struggle for our freedom
we’re so proud of them

I long to fly in the sky
To soar up the cliffs with the others
Free me from the bondage of poverty
Rift the cage so I can get out to freedom
Cart me out to a world where I’m welcome
Free me from hunger as seen from my rickety legs
I’m all flesh and bones, so please give me some bread
I’m baffled – why can’t I be just like any ordinary child?
The absence of responsibilities, worries and hardship
To be able to sustain a world full of innocence and fun
Being able to chatter instead of stuttering in fright
Give me love and I can understand that in any language

2 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day 5: Freedom

  1. Wow, this is SO powerful. Had to emphasize that with caps. I especially love that last line, “Give me love and I can understand that in any language.” It’s true, Love is universal. Thank you for sharing this.

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