Writing 101 – Day 6: Fallacy


You’ve eroded your own vegetation
A bargain but the soil was barren
With scarce strength and rain
I don’t know how to explain
Not nurturing what should have been
You thought you could always spin
The crows kept revisiting the place
There’s no way you could be traced
Weaving some false hope and gloom
A cavalier which was what I presume
Rooted on despair, doubt and anguish
Sometimes, garish, foolish or freakish
Last time you promised something
Didn’t budge though I kept on begging
You didn’t keep the promise
How could you be so callous?
Cells kept on moving about
With you there’s always a doubt
Don’t know where to go
I could have said no
I thought you were the one
I thought you were my beacon
But it wasn’t meant to be
Sad but there’s never a “we”

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