Suburban Life

Suburban life is what I know
Not a lot of things happening
Just enduring sunshine or snow
Dogs are barking, children are playing

Children go to school on their bikes
Mums love their coffee mornings
Teenagers on their motorbikes
Grannies counting their blessings

Dads go to work every day in a suit
Relatively safe, no theft and disturbances
Some take their umbrellas as they commute
Gardens full of flowers, climbers on their fences

Neighbours accept the parcel from the post
When you’re not there – ah such convenience
And when on holiday there’s no need to boast
They’ll ring you when there’s an emergence

Mrs. Booth is a teacher, Mr. Smith’s a scientist
Mr. Jones works in a bank, Mrs. Jones’ a nurse
There’s always music at the Langers’, they’re artists
Painters, decorators and all the jobs in the universe

We saw the children as they grew, as they moved out
Grill party in the summer, harvest one in autumn
Each one bring some meat and salad on a cookout
We’re not really close, but we see them in random

For New Year’s Eve we all celebrate with a big bang
Living a life in the suburb is not a bad thing indeed
Being good neighbours come back like boomerang
In our small estate, there’s no need to get worried

For: Music Friday #23: “Neighborhood” by Space

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