Super Hero


With her curvaceous frame, she’s fighting the evil
Her lacy cloak soaring high with her as she flew
She wants justice and won’t say no to a battle
She could make a difference, she always knew

She spun round, came eye to eye with the enemy
She was once hit by a ricochet in the leg
She won’t baulk down, don’t make her angry
She looks gorgeous, her clothes were off the peg

Areas on the maps were shown and she’s got to save them
People narrowly escaping the floods, thanks to her help
People thanking her, sending her letters, roses and poem
They can’t believe they’re safe, hug each other and yelp

She was miles away, her aura gradually dim and dwindle
Waving goodbye until she was invisible at warp speed
The world is safe again, she’ll be here on the next battle
Until then, we say thanks and we all wish her Godspeed

by brenda warren


For: Prompt Stomp Week 13- Welcome 2016! and Wordle 69 by Brenda Warren


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