Just Jot It January 6th – Cloud

PHOTO PROMPT © Melanie Greenwood

Oh to be in love is like being on cloud nine
Butterflies and bees and always in sunshine
And the clouds, sometimes like cotton candy
There are no you and I, we’re always a we

You were gone one day and my world fell apart
I cried and my heart was shattered on your depart
What happened to the promises you made?
Will you just ignore them and make me dismayed?

From cotton clouds, days become dark and cloudy
From waiting for you, or hoping, I become angry
I deserve better, perhaps you were not worth it
I know, one day I’ll be able to find my own sunlit

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For: Friday Fictioneers by Rochelle Wisoff and Just Jot It January 6th – Cloud. .
Also for: Skywatch Friday – 7 January 2016 Edition


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