The Lottery Ticket


Today’s Prompt:

He stared in disbelief at the little slip of paper in his hand as the winning lottery numbers were read.

His heart almost stopped, when each number matched the numbers on his little slip of paper. He won, he won! All these years of buying lottery tickets have paid off. All the weeks of waiting, of wishing that his numbers match what they were reading. He couldn’t believe it! Life would never be the same again. He could buy a house for him and his mother, who brought him up single handed, doing laundry, waitressing and all sorts of jobs just to keep ends meet. There will be enough food for both of them. He would ask his mother to stop working now, pamper her and give her some luxury in life. He could go back to college and quit his job, too. Concentrate on being a student and following his dreams. Such a wonderful life, as he looked up the sky and said thanks.


For: Write Now Prompt for January 8, 2016


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