Ten Things of Thankful 134 (Of Big Things and Little Ones) #10Thankful

Hello everyone! It’s my big brother’s birthday today – yay! he’s celebrating it on his ship, being a Chief Engineer, so Many Happy Returns of the day, Kuya!

As a suprise Christmas present, Him Indoors gave me two tickets for the opera. Of course, I took him with me. It was “La Boheme” by Puccini. The opera was great – Mimi, Rodolfo, Marcelo and Muzetta – they were all brilliant. I ended up in tears when Mimi died. A great night, indeed!

Our cross trainer has just arrived. Him Indoors assembled it and we started using it. Wish us good luck, we promise to use it while watching telly.

I love shopping! I shop till I drop… anyway, first time this year and I was overwhelmed with all the sales in town. Didn’t know what to buy, instead just enjoyed window shopping. Him Indoors has just had a sigh of relief!

Happy to take part in many blogging challenges this month 🙂

in three weeks’ time, I’ll be off to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and Cambodia – can’t wait!

after the snow last week, it has been quite mild here in Bavaria

Mini has just passed its TUV – so here’s to two more years of driving Mini (my more than 10 year old car)

Him Indoors and I are spending a lot of our time in the kitchen experimenting with different sorts of recipes – Indian, Italian, Asian

Here’s wishing you all a lovely weekend and a great week ahead!

For: Ten Things of Thankful 134


18 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful 134 (Of Big Things and Little Ones) #10Thankful

  1. Lots of good thankfuls. That cross-trainer looks daunting. Good luck with the goals. Are square toed shoes back in style? They look gorgeous in pink and grey. I do love me some retail therapy. Enjoy the trip and the season.

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  2. Shopping is great fun as far as I’m concerned, so I only do it once or twice a year. I’m not a good window shopper.
    What a gorgeous place to see the opera! I haven’t been to an opera in 20 years. A shame, really.
    I’ve never used a cross trainer. Actually, can’t say I’ve ever even seen one! Here’s to it helping you in your fitness goals!

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  3. our people (those of us from Y Chromia) thank you for being kind to your Him Indoors and letting him off easy on the shopping… our gender just lacks that chromosome, I guess.
    My wife Phyllis has a Mini (in Blue) and she loves it too!

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    1. thanks, the half time break, we sneaked back to the theatre before anyone else, just to admire the architecture and take lots of photos. My mother is 78 now and still beautiful. Thanks, May 🙂


  4. I wouldn’t care too much for the opera itself, but I could spend a long time looking at that gorgeous concert hall!
    Here’s hoping your cross-trainer doesn’t turn into a clothes rack! 🙂

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