A line of benches overlooking the sea
A line of benches overlooking the sea

Hoping for a meeting with you again
I’ve been admiring you since we were freshmen
Pigeons flutter hoping I’ll feed them
I’ve got nothing so they’re not getting their treats
Go away and leave me alone, ahem, ahem
They’ve got something over the next streets
Oh how I wish to see your beautiful face again
Your lovely smile, more so your delightful laugh
But then there’s news from the weathermen
Some atmospheric pressures from his barograph
Report says there’s pressure from the north
I need to believe in that survey
Otherwise I’ll be stuck here, mate
Still sitting on the squeaky benches
If I could see you again, I’d be happy
I’m just here on the bench by the sea


Waiting at the doctor’s, do I really want to know?
And they took me away as I screamed “no!no!”
Go to school and get good grades if you want to
Kind of like having a cold and a flu
Time could be fast, time could be slow
And looking harder, I found a burr
Granny baking a cake with a dough
Cat can’t wait, you hear from her purr


She said she’ll be here
And bring me some goodies
Oh that Little Red Riding Hood
Funny little girl, always curious
Loves to smell some flowers and plants
And talks to animals if she sees one or two
Doesn’t she know that it might be dangerous?
Walking through the forest at this time
I told her to walk on the main streets
And not to take the short cut
But she’s a funny little girl
Has a mind of her own
Hope she’s here soon
I’m getting hungry

For: Waiting ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #19 by Patrick Jennings


3 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Wow! That has to hold a record for fastest response to this challenge since I started it! Nicely done, and all of them lovely. Waiting for a man to return from the sea, I love this. The second ends with a beguiling misdirection… I ask myself, what is really going on here? Personal experiences I am guessing. So puzzle parts of an incomplete puzzle… Leaving interpretation up to the reader. And Grandmas pov on Little Red Riding Hood, marvelous.

    Liked by 1 person

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