20 Days of Chill: A dose of vitamin N (Day 8)


We’ve all had them. These were the times when life was full of roses and innocence, of experiments and fun, of being with families and friends. These were some of my recollections.

“You’re it!” I didn’t see her as she pointed to me, called my name and said, “You’re it!” I’ve got to look for them hiding around our street. It was getting dark so it was tough finding them. However, I knew Thor would be hiding at his usual place, my brother kissing our neighbour in one corner and I’d managed to locate Bethcha. Before long we had to go back to our houses and ate our dinner. Other days, we’d play patintero (try to cross my line without letting me touch or catch you), tumbang preso (hit the can), piko (hopscotch) or luksong-tinik (lit. jump over the thorns of a plant). Sometimes we’d rent some bikes and circled around our neighbourhood.

We were always there
Come Holy Week or All Saint’s Day
And don’t forget the harvest time
And all the fiestas – they were always fun
All our cousins were there
Tatang’s farm was always open
We all slept together on the floor
Snoring, people talking in their sleeps
Playing till the sun came down
Swimming and splashing in the creek
And Tatang washing his carabao
Fresh unpasteurised milk in the morning
We just poured it with steaming rice
We usually added salt and ate with our hands
And on the way to the creek, we had fruits
Mangoes, lansones, bananas as we picked them
On harvest time it was fun, people singing
Grounding some rice and peanuts and coconuts
We made some nice dish, I forgot what it was called
Perhaps we’d never be all together or experienced the same fun
As we are all over the world and the farm was not there anymore
But we’d always remember the fun we shared
On Tatang’s farm in Culianin, Plaridel, Bulacan

A dose of Vitamin N is very important. I love walking or cycling around and be in nature. The smell of flowers and plants, being in the woods, mountains, lakes, etc is great! I like to observe all the changes, flowers blooming, hedgehogs and squirrels, birds building their nests, singing or migrating somewhere warm.

I was a butterfly fluttering around the fields. I’ve just woken up from a cocoon and I was very hungry. I ate some leaves and drank some nectars from some flowers. It was refreshing. And now, I have the full view of the wonderland, the sky was clear, the ocean was majestic, the mountains were impressive. What a glorious feeling being able to fly.

For: 20 Days of Chill: A dose of vitamin N (Day 8)

6 thoughts on “20 Days of Chill: A dose of vitamin N (Day 8)

  1. It is certain that we got way more Vitamin N as children, at least back when I was growing up. I was outside all summer, and any other time the weather permitted. I remember lying in the grass beneath the warm Fall sun and all was well with the world.

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