snow drops pushing up
from the harsh and frozen ground
such a beauty

first light of the sun
fresh snow greeted us with joy
a blissful new year

snowflakes in winter
visibly irregular
symbol of Christmas
symmetrical ice crystals
scattering of light, pure joy




Help, help, is anybody out there?
Can’t feel anything, can’t go anywhere
Where am I and why am I under the snow?
Ah, the avalanche came like a nightmare
Quiet as an airflow, yearning for a bellow
Oh my sweetheart would be worried elsewhere
He’d do everything to get me out of here
The still beating heart of hope in his hand
And I won’t be able to return to my homeland
Some feeling of anticipation, if I keep still
They’ll look for me, I trust their goodwill
The whole life passes before my very eyes
I’ve done a lot and quite amusing memories
The shock of never rips through my heart
Burning on fire in the depths of my soul

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