Enough is Enough


Enough is enough, she can’t take it anymore
The images of him in the club, please don’t score
She recalled the sting of his betrayal
The long list was so hurtful and banal

The only sensation is the bite of the wind
With him having such a thick-skinned
Cold and laced with salt, there’s no excuse
She bet his muses all lined up in queues

The way he trampled on her with his trips
Perhaps they involve some straps and whips
Sprees  to other women, she’s sure of that one
As they knead his flesh like a dough one

Any excuse he’s been planting as he drives
She doesn’t think their relationship will survive
God knows why she even agreed to begin it
There’s no excuse, she must be out of her wits



16 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

  1. Nice poem for the prompt picture. It seems she needs to get out of that relationship. She has been in it far to long. It sounds as if in his own way he’s only abusing her. Great job.

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  2. Just wandered my way to your blog from the Roger Shipp challenge–love the poem! There’s nothing like betrayal in a relationship to create tension.

    Liked by 1 person

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