Team Meeting


The team arrived one by one in the boardroom, had some small talk and the meeting started. They discussed about the recession and how it affected their company. Instead of a quick hit or slap, they now saw and heard a sustained series of blows. Mike stood up and delivered his speech. In the midst of these changes and uncertainties, he knew that his key role is to provide an anchor that can offer some degree of stability. He stated the facts and taking all the risks, they had to fight back. They had to think of some action that will fix this. They spent hours brainstorming and came out of the meeting room all motivated.



For: Sunday Photo Fiction – January 24th 2016 and Wordle 235 Jan 24 by brenda warren

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17 thoughts on “Team Meeting

  1. Given the right leader, the motivation can last more than to the next coffee break. I can see this meeting with the views of London behind – and that one person not listening, but daydreaming of being a bird and flying out across the city 🙂

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