Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2016): Inside


inside the attic, where we watch television and DVDs, do our crosstraining, have a drink and relax in the evening, our favourite room

inside our piano room/library, where Him Indoors plays Mozart and Beethoven’s pieces while I listen to the room next door, writing or blogging

inside HMAV Bounty – Him Indoors’ model ship

inside the Bento Box that HRH the son has given us from his trip to Tokyo

inside one of our candle holders

For: Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2016): Inside

11 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2016): Inside

  1. I see your photos and mine have a lot in common, a British flag and a model. And you’re favorite room reminds me of my old bedroom, that being in the attic. Plus any time I see any reference to The Simpsons I love it!

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  2. I agree with several others in that your upstairs room looks like it would be a fun place to be. Your elliptical looks almost like mine as well and the shot also reminds me that I really need to revise the room where our elliptical is so I can possibly watch movies while exercising. I think I’m getting tired of just listening to music when I exercise.

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