Five Minute Friday :: News

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “I Will Keep Broken Things” by Alice Walker: broken, chasing, wise, sheared, basket, jagged, swims, remains, missing, pilgrim, sorrow, keep

“Bill Langoy has broken the record of being the fastest swimmer in the South China Sea!” He later revealed that his secret was to think that he was being chased by a shark. That was a wise idea.

“Great sorrow for the boy still missing in the pilgrim.” The family kept their vigil, hoping for his return. News later revealed that the remains of the boy was found among the jagged cliffs.

“Price of wool has gone down!” Consequently, the cost of shearing  a sheep sometimes exceeds the price at which the wool can be sold.

For: five minute friday :: news and Whirligig 47 by Magical Mystical Teacher



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