Flash Fiction and Tale Weaver – Pitring

In a remote village of Madilim
Lived a woman called Pitring
Once a month she changed
To a monster called WakWak
Black wings appeared on her back
She separated her top from her torso
And flew away as the night grew dim
She needed some foetus
Fresh blood that she could suck
She said she could smell pregnant women
She tried to stop herself but in vain
What she did, she tried to fly far away
Away from her village, away from neighbours
So they wouldn’t be her victims
This power was passed on to her
By her mother

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: March 9: Flash Fiction Challenge and Tale Weavers # 56: March Madness


15 thoughts on “Flash Fiction and Tale Weaver – Pitring

  1. A frightening creature, but she has a conscience still, trying to stay away from the pregnant ladies and people in her village. A sad existence 😦

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  2. Yes, frightening, yet fascinating. I like to read Native American stories and they are full of fantastical creatures and monsters, but this is the first creature I’ve read about to detach from part of the body. Thank you for sharing this at Carrot Ranch!

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  3. Quite a story! I agree with the folks who mention learning about the tales from within other cultures is fascinating. This is a scary one, to be sure.
    Thanks for participating in Tale Weavers — always nice to read your tales.

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