#SoCS March 12/16 “ball”


To start the ball rolling, here’s me greeting you all. Hope your weekend is lovely! Well, to be honest, I’m not a ball person, I don’t play or watch football, volleyball, cricket or rugby. Him Indoors and HRH the son are the football fanatics, so today they’ll be glued to the telly watching their games.

I’ve just rang my mother. She was telling me about her new gym and she enrolled herself to Zumba. Also, their group, the Mother Butler Group, is going on a road trip to one of our provinces. They’ve hired a van for this trip. Glad she’s on the ball. And still a ball of fire!

Talking of keeping one’s eye on the ball, I’m curious as to the outcome of the UK referendum on whether Britain stays or leaves Europe. Hopefully, we stay in Europe. We’ve been living in Germany for more than 20 years, so we consider ourselves European. HRH the son lives in England, and he’d be able to vote. The ball is now in his court.

That’s it from me. Keep the ball rolling…

For: Stream of Consciousness Saturday


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