13 thoughts on “They’re Up – Gin, Rex and Niki!

  1. Welcome back to the world! Sometimes wish we could do that:)
    Inviting you for my new weekly meme SEASONS, any experience during the season goes. My link for a thumbnail pic (you could use this one:)) is open Mon-Wed. 7pm, Pacific time. Have a wonderful Sunday and hope to see you there!

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  2. Dear Ladylee, thank you for being a part of Seasons – I really appreciate it! This link list is different than the usual wordpress ones. Sorry, I cannot do it for you, so below is how it goes.
    To leave your thumbnail photo on the linky list, you need to go to my blog – so please click on the highlighted link http://jeshstgermain.com/2016/03/13/seasons-almost-spring/ and click on “Click here” typed in red.
    Fill in the information and choose “for Web” or “from File” Then a new page opens up.. The photos of your blog will show up, and click the one you choose. Voila you did it!
    Thanks so much for participating. If you have any questions, please let me know
    (it will be be at noon on Monday US time, before I can respond, because now it’s night, and I really need to go to bed – so I will “see” you later:):) )

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    1. Yay, you did it – sorry for the loooong explanation above, but I didn’t want your link go to waste! Thank you so much – I appreciate your effort and being a part of Seasons! Hope to see you back next week -and enjoy this one!

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