The Lovers


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “After Fifty Years” by William Faulkner: empty, shade, echoes, bent, birds, crown, mirrors, softness, blind, scent, body, snare

By the shade of the old oak tree
No one else there, just empty
Echoes of birds twittering
Cricket chirping, wind blowing
He and she mirror each other
They kiss with certain ardour
Her scent snares him
Fills his desire to the brim
The softness of her body
Makes him full of glee
The manliness in him
Like singing in a hymn
Crowning with passion
Two bodies become one
Bent on partaking each other
And stay there as they were

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Writing Prompt #150 “The Lovers” and Whirligig 50 by Magical Mystical Teacher


9 thoughts on “The Lovers

  1. “By the shade of the old oak tree” and “Her scent snares him” are great lines….the first one, especially, sets the stage for a great story. I also love the image you chose….I’ve used it once before and find it particularly powerful 🙂

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