Kelly’s Project

PHOTO PROMPT – © Ted Strutz

Kelly kept tossing and turning in her sleep. The place was still vivid in her mind and she was thinking of some ways to help them. Her Mum took her to one of the trailer parks in the neighbourhood and she would not believe what she was seeing or smelling. The dirt, the stench all over and unused appliances just on the streets. There was even a toilet bowl there. Ah! she thought of a brilliant idea. So the next day she went back to the place and planted some flowers around. It was triumphantly accepted by the community.


For: Friday Fictioneers by Rochelle Wisoff and Writespiration #84 Just For Shits and Giggles by Sacha Black (words from “The Girl on the Train” – would, what, was, triumphantly)


13 thoughts on “Kelly’s Project

  1. I sat on the pan when I read this… great picture and a seamless weave of two challenges.
    P.s. the pan is in the living room as a new shower room is being constructed, just so you don’t think… you know. 😇

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