five minute friday :: alive


Have you ever been in a situation where you feel trapped?
Where you were abandoned by your company for the last three months?
Where you have no salary, no food in a remote island of China?
Where you and 21 others are sharing the same fate and no one seem to care?
Where your family – wife, children, parents, siblings are also affected?
Where all you need now is to be able to go home?

This situation is real, and is happening to my brother and his fellow seamen. Since December 2015, their company went bankrupt and basically left them there, in the island. They were not given any food, nor salary, nor exit visa. The crew is getting desperate and frustrated as the days pass by. They just would like to go home to their families. This morning they tried to escape to another island where the nearest Philippine Embassy is. But the immigration police caught them and were taken in detention for three hours, all 21 of them in a small room. Then they escorted them back to their ship. I hope the Philippine Government help them by giving them exit visa, then they can go home to their families.

For: five minute friday :: alive by Kate Motaung


6 thoughts on “five minute friday :: alive

    1. with all the bureaucracy, signatories, delays, passing responsibility from one to another, no help has been given to them until now. We’re hoping and praying for some help… thanks 🙂


      1. Oh my goodness….I’m in a bit of a similar situation myself and so can appreciate the struggles……praying for them all. Hoping family has been able to WU funds…..Helen xx

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