Coco’s Morning


Today’s Prompt:

The morning was silent except for the occasional rumbles of thunder in the distance.
Do the rumbles of thunder mean anything? Is a storm coming? Is it a storm in his career or something happening in his life? He was pondering about this as he was driving this morning. He has to persuade the Board that his design is the way to go, if they want their business to remain number one. As he was driving on the motorway, there’s a blinding light coming towards him. What was that? He muttered to himself. As he was getting nearer, the sign was getting clearer. It was his design, but with some changes. He was trying to decipher the changes that he didn’t notice a lorry coming from the other direction. A big crashed ensued and an ambulance was called.  Sadly, Coco didn’t wake up.

For: Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner by rogershipp and Write Now Prompt for March 25, 2016 by Today’s Author


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