A Red Phantom Bus


In the middle of the night
On a full moon, wolves howling
It always gives me a fright
A strange noise beeping

Water dripping, smoke in the air
I count to three and there it is
So eerily quiet in the square
It makes the snake hiss

A red phantom bus
Driving on a crooked road
Definitely red even in blackness
A double decker one with code

Leading to some sort of light
Some pebbles on the street
Oh what a sight
Some more seat

In God’s name, is it real?
Words fail to come
I have to mull
I need a rum

Where will it go? I have to find out
I put my thumb up, it stops
I’m in the red phantom bus
But to where?

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – March 27th 2016 and Wordle 244 Mar 27 by Brenda Warren

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19 thoughts on “A Red Phantom Bus

  1. Extremely interesting take, a phantom bus. Like your speaker, I wonder where it leads. My first thought is the after life? Happy Easter!

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