Help – Monchielle

The Monchielle is a poem that consists of four five-line stanzas where the first line repeats in each verse. Each line within the stanzas consist of six syllables, and lines three and five rhyme. The rhyme pattern is Abcdc Aefgf Ahiji Aklml.

The Monchielle form was created by Jim T. Henriksen.


Help! Everyone needs help
All we need is to ask
Somehow, someone will come
We tell them what was wrong
Or we can call our Mum

Help! Everyone needs help
Old man crossing the road
One asks for direction
A baby needs her feed
Cat on the tree, don’t run

Help! Everyone needs help
Like a drowning puppy
Poor dog, got to save him
Making his owner glad
It’s good that you can swim

Help! Everyone needs help
If we don’t act, who will?
It’s a pay forward thing
One can follow our lead
Think of the joy it brings

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Help

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