Spring Break

Today’s Prompt:
It never failed: at least one of the kids was always sick during Spring Break.

We were supposed to go skiing in Austria for a week. But two days before the spring break, Little One came back from Kindergarten sneezing and not feeling well. Gave her some Calpol for her cold and put her to bed straight away. She didn’t want to eat anything so I just gave her lots of juice and water to drink. We had to cancel our holiday. The older kids complained but I just promised to take them skiing one day, just to our nearby Lenggries where we can go back in the afternoon. Three days later, the Middle One got the colds, too. It’s typical, once one kid gets it, the whole family follows. Oh well, we just stayed at home the entire two weeks. Cheers everyone!

For: Write Now Prompt for March 29, 2016


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