Sailing Through Time

– Tomasz

Berto always wanted to sail
He was used to howling gale
In the emptiness of open water
Months and months where they were
Like a photo in a panel, so ideal
Repairing and putting lacquer in the hull
Where medusa and fishes freely swim
But sometimes their lives were pretty grim
An atmosphere impregnated with tension
Sometimes being reviled on what they’ve done
A dream to give a good future for the family
Chrysalism on storms, he needs to be free
For his children and the next generation
A guiding light like a bright beacon
Sometimes he feels sorry he left them
But he doesn’t want to be condemn
Not seeing how his children grow
He’s used to the way the water flow
Not being with the love of his life
He’d give everything to his wife

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* this poem is dedicated to my brother and all seamen out there


For: Photo Challenge #107 and Wordle #10 “April 4th, 2016”

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